Discography & Selected Recordings

At its core, Slavyanka seeks to entertain, inform, excite and educate listeners in the haunting harmonies of the Orthodox Church and Eastern European cultures. This a cappella chorus of men and women gather every Thursday evening to learn, rehearse and sing the sacred and secular music of Russia and Eastern Europe and the Balkans.  Chorus singers and concert audiences have consistently been struck by the rich and unusual tonalities of this musical tradition. Initially we drew our repertoire from the Yale Russian Chorus, but over the years we have developed additional sources for its music -- including music from the Don Cossacks repertoire and from the archives of Alexei Shipovalnikov. We have also premiered works of contemporary Russian composers.
The Chorus has released several CD Albums and all have been well received. Most tracks and CDs are available for download at the iTunes Store; CDs are also available through various online stores such as amazon.com, CD Baby, and Harmonia Mundi.

Provided here are selected pieces from the Albums.
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